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Teksan Launched Its New Composite Canopy Solution

Teksan, which stands out via its innovative products in the energy industry, brings technology and aesthetics together with its new composite canopy solution. The composite generator set canopy, which has an outstanding and groundbreaking design, will be the choice of the ones that seek aesthetics, especially in outdoor use.

Teksan breaks new ground in the generator set designs with its latest composite canopy solution and reinterprets it with a new brand approach. With its soft lines, colorful and flexible design, the brand’s new product uplifts the generator set to a completely different level in terms of aesthetics and functionality.
Teksan gave a magic touch to the generator sets through its new composite canopy design
As one of the companies that invest the most on innovation and R&D in Turkey, Teksan brings technology with aesthetics, thanks to its “composite canopy” that gives the generator sets a new look. The sharp lines that we are used to seeing in a standard generator set canopies are replaced by soft lines in this new composite canopy, also attracts interest in the market thanks to its colorful design.
Composite canopy, which is the latest launch in Teksan’s product range, eliminates the bottleneck for space via its smaller volume and decreases the time spent in assembly by 50 percent thanks to its body that consists of a lesser number of parts that provides ease of installation. Made of composite material, the canopy is much more resistant to impacts and with its stainless feature it can be used outdoors during all seasons. With its elegant design, Teksan’s new composite canopy is expected to be the choice of those look for divergence in architectural projects.